Stay away from them!!

I was thinking today: “Enough with looking for the best of the best cars out there! Why not to be warned about the bad ones?!” Seriously, it really is useful to know not only pros but also cons of the cars in order not to get disappointed when it is too late…

I checked out a nice classified which selected top 10 “worst” cars and the reasons why you should not choose them. So, here is that list:

1.) Toyota Corolla

2.) Chrysler 200

3.) Mitsubishi Eclipse

4.) Lexus HS 250h

5.) Honda Crosstour

6.) Jeep Compass

7.) Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

8.) Smart ForTwo

9.) Scion xD

10.) Nissan Sentra

If one of them used to be your favorite one, then do not panic and just check out what makes it bad. If you are okay with them still, then why not to keep loving it?!

Cheap cars

I was wondering how much the cheapest car can be now. So googled it immediately and saw the pictures of actually very nice cars! And then remembered that they are used ones! The website I visited was dealing with used cars, and they did a very good job with classifieds! It is so easy to use and the pictures of cars are given great descriptions with even the smallest details!

Car of the year 2014

If you are planning to buy a car, the hardest thing would be to make a choice, since the variety of cars out there is so big! So I was curious to find out what the choice of the world is and here is what I read:

Car of the Year 2014 is the Peugeot 308. The winner received 307 points from the 58 Jury members, with top points from 22 jurors. Second and third, in a close race, were the two electric cars, BMW i3 (223 points) and Tesla S (216). In the group of seven Nominees, were also the Citroën C4 Picasso (182), Mazda3 (180), Skoda Octavia (172) and Mercedes S-class (170).

the 308 is stylish and with new ambitions in quality and elegance. The new construction approach and the use of lightweight and composite materials save weight in an amount that Peugeot estimates up to 140 kg; a feature that improves performance and fuel economy.


Enjoy Economical Cars!


Fuel economy is one of the hottest aspects of a car. It is important not only for saving our money on fuel, but also solves many of our ecological problems.

So what choices are there for us to have both comfortable and money saving cars? Here is a list of some perfect variants for those who had the same questions as I do:

1.  Vauxhall Ampera/Chevrolet Volt – 27g/km

2. Fisker Karma – 53g/km, 62.4mpg

3. Toyota Yaris Hybrid – 79g/km, 80.7mpg

4. Kia Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics – 85g/km, 88.3mpg

5. Smart Fortwo cdi – 86g/km, 85.6mpg

6. Lexus CT200h S – 87g/km

Quick Tips to Selling Your Car

It is the nature of a human being that we are never satisfied with what we have at the moment. We always live trying to reach higher peaks right after a big climb.

I remember one of my classmates, who worked days and nights in order to be able to buy a car for himself. However, after only a couple years, he was tired of that car and wanted a new one. So here came a challenge to be able to sell the old car first. It definitely is hard, since not everyone can do that without losing the value of it…

Here i found some tips to get the most profit out of that car, which also helps to have more money for the new one:

  • Check on-line classified ads to see how much other sellers are asking for your type of car.
  • Learn the psychology in setting prices, for example: if you want $9000 for your car, then list your car in $11000 first.
  • Give your car a “sparkling” look: clean it really well, so that it got attention faster. Don’t you believe in love at first sight?!
  • Advertise it efficiently: newspapers, fliers are OK, but on-line classified ads are the preferred method, not only for convenience, but also because they have a wider geographical reach.
  • After all those, be ready to meet hopefully a lot of buyers. Remember to use your intuition while dealing with people. It is better to stay away from the person, who you feel is not really easy to work with.
  • Negotiate the price and try to make the best out of your used car.

I see it is such an art to be a seller! All the best for those who are about to start that “career”!! :)

choose a car

Today we consider how best to choose a car .

Almost everyone sooner or later comes to the conclusion that it would be nice to buy a car, or a change to something more old or new right .

1 ) Clearly define the amount you are willing to spend on buying a car . It is necessary to take into account the cost of processing the traffic police , insurance and inspection. Next, be sure to add maintenance after purchase ( for cars priced at $ 12-20 thousand , scrip on THAT finishing about $ 500-1000 )

2) Determine the type of machine , in accordance with the challenges ahead (sedan , wagon, SUV , minivan , etc.).

3) Next, the available options and wishes opredilili with the year of issue , brand and model ( to restrict searches to two three models ) .

4) use all avtoizdaniya advertising and Internet , find and calling all the options fall under the selected criteria . Dialers and appointments on any vzaimoudobnoy territory. Meet, communicate with the seller, look and sit in the car. At the first meeting with the machine you have to like all vney . If there is something in the soul oppresses you … You do not understand that , but that is not so , do not even try to figure out what and why , just go away – it’s not your car. It feels good and fit, look outside the state and completing the relevant statements in Publicity . You do not notice what is wrong with it and you can haggle like offering amount to $ 500 less than stated , usually about adding this machine to the desired vendor .

5) After coming to what or to the arithmetic mean , immediately get to the seller offer you a friendly service , for confirmation of the car to concerned , but already an expert . In 90% of cases the seller agree. Remember that the money you have . You want to get rid of them , and the seller why they really need it , since he sells a good car .

6) Imported car in auto repair , you trust her obligation to check for involvement in an accident, paint quality (if repainted ) state mehannikom and suspension , as well as electrical, electronics and motor. After a complete diagnosis and troubleshooting you have every right to ask the seller a reasoned additional discount for elimination is not specified in the Publicity defects.

7) It is advisable to check before buying a car in the service , which in the future planning and serviced. With this you will save yourself from statements such as: ” what am .. it looked ” and divorce a la ” repair costs more than the car .”


today consider a new brand of car. Audi AG – German carmaker within the group Volkswagen Group, specializing in the production of automobiles under the brand Audi. Found a site that sells only car company Audi. The site is very handy, but I did not like the design, it is very boring and old-fashioned. I would add a bit of bright colors.

How to Make Money

Today I realized I could no longer work on my permanent job . This for me is boring, tedious and not fun . And that’s what I thought .
Make money using the internet can be in many ways. There is an option to register for the exchange of articles and write articles or retell strangers for money. Initially for a penny , then, if you do have talent, and can earn real life money. But all that long , dreary , and , again, not everyone has the ability to write .

You can play online casino , but it is more fraught with losses than winnings. The same can be said about bookmakers .

What a way to make money online is the best?
The best option for making a profit through the Internet – is to register online sales thanks to this you can without spending a lot of time to make money.

HOW should we characterize WEB DESIGN

today decided to consider Ferrari . also went online and found a site for the sale of Ferrari . Here’s a bit about how to characterize the site is worth .
HOW should we characterize WEB DESIGN

Depending on the purpose for which the portal is created , its web – design can be implemented in a different genre. Let’s try to see each of them .

The first type is called minimalism . It is used mostly for appearance scientific or search pages . Web – design in the genre of minimalism shall contain few graphics to be easier and more logical. Text in the site corresponds to book design of white background , black letters . The number of fonts should not be greater than 2 for the base material and for headers or excreta . Navigation should be text only , significantly simplified . Important data resource has a content because people come here only for information. Particular attention should be devoted strictly modular grid .

One of the options can be considered minimalist genre information , it is used on news portals . Significant attention is drawn , as in the previous embodiment , for ease and immediacy of the data flow . But this style is added to the information the minimum figure .

Business style is designed for portals , engaged in selling goods or services. On these resources the maximum value is given to attract customers. Web – design should attract the user and leave him to promptly select a product and the data on it . The main distinguishing features of the business – style : fixed width resource ordinary size and location of its elements, everyday images depicting the theme of the page. Very often on business – sites use banner advertising.

Making E- type 2, ( by the way is a resource, dedicated to the theme of creation is website design , its layout and useful tips ) helps to use a huge number of modern developments . It is famous for increasing the font size , the presence of mirroring logos, highlights on buttons, labels , modular grid .

Promostil created mainly for advertising portals. It allows you to display the web – designer all my art . To the fore here comes graphics, text is far less important . It is desirable that the portal was more desirable colors, images that will inspire the user to the advertised product or service. Extraneous advertising on these pages is provided for.

When creating websites, we are constantly exposed to the threat of catching some sort of virus in the network shaking different programs and files. For a more secure way of work required on the network antivirus free download which you can online, where a complete set of all available antivirus programs and utilities for Safety .

Given these data site I loved .


Today decided to consider sites selling Mercedes brand cars. I came across a very interesting site. With TERM design and comfortable noodno confused me. On the site so much, very small fonts. Just razbegayutsya.Dlya eyes to find something suitable to strain your eyes. And stood on the main page here is a picture.