By steps of Alexander the Great


There is a beautiful treasure in Kyrgyzstan, hiding among the hills of Jalal-Abad region in south. It is the world’s biggest walnut forest Arslanbob, including over 600,000 hectares! They say it founded by one of the greatest leaders of the world’s history – Alexander the Great! However, it sounds incredible… There are some legends that make it easier to believe:

One of the legends says that Alexander the Great once led his troops to these parts. After finishing missions, he decided to return home. He took with him fruits and nuts grown in the forests. And that is how the walnut from the Kyrgyz Mountains appeared in Greece, and it has since been known as the “Greek nut” in many parts of the world.

The nuts are rich in nutrients. Walnut wood is also valuable and is used in the manufacture of furniture. People now are grateful for these generous gifts of nature and seek to preserve their source. Already for many years the Arslanbob area has been a forest zone protected by the state.

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More about Osh


This 3000-year-old city may not seem that ancient when you enter it for the first time. Already, since the government of former Soviet Union there had been many changes in the city, such as new buildings of schools, universities, cultural centers and small shopping malls. After the independence in 1991, even more “perfections” were made to the city’s view.


However, there are certain treasures, which are impossible to change. The first one is a sacred mountain Suleyman. It is the main touristic spot for it is situated in the very center of the city. There is a unique museum up in the cave, which introduces you to the culture and traditions, flora and fauna of the region. If you go up higher, you will be able to see a cute little building. They say that this little white house was built by famous Uzbek classic poet and Indian king Bobur.


Another beauty of the city is the river Ak-Buura. It also crosses Osh right from the middle. Evening walks by the river can fill the one with energy and fresh emotions. The last but not least is the main bazaar by the same river. Despite pretty much amount of modern boutiques and markets, bazaar still is filled with usual customers and excited tourists.


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Lost in Chinese history


A friend of mine from Kyrgyzstan was saying that there is an ancient city in her country. How ancient, I got interested. After her answer, I just couldn’t believe my ears… 3000 years! The city Osh in the southern part of the country is 3000 years old! It seemed not so close to reality, since the country itself got the independence just 23 years ago…
But here comes the proof, which is really hard to deny. Everyone knows, that Chinese history books are one of the most accurate ones that exists in our world. And we also know that China has over 5000 years of history! In one of the oldest scripts there are exact mentions about Kyrgyz people and the relationships between those two nations. It really is intriguing!

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Country #1. China!

China is celebrating its 65th Anniversary today! Wishing China a Happy Anniversary, I would like to admit how amazed I am at its rapid development and becoming one of the world’s leading countries for such a short amount of time! What even more fascinates me is that China has never cherished its culture as it does today. Chinese people were able to save their values, traditions and national heritage through thick and thin, so maybe this is the very reason for their existence for several thousands of years!

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